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to violently beat the shit out of someone
Omg im gonna batter that gyal/boy
by mofo June 02, 2004
Used when describing a cool ass mofo
"Yo, Sweendogg!!!!"
by mofo July 03, 2004
When a slut bitch type ho is gettin penetrated in her ass and twat at the same time by 2 different cocks, or a cock and a dildo, or 2 dildos.
I'll do her ass while you fuck her twat!
by Mofo January 24, 2004
Something that's weird and/or cool in an evil, lazy, destructive, dark, dirty, and crude way; badass.
Dude, Stratofortress is so ganondorfish!

PC Chris acts all ganondorfish in the morning.

You never take showers?? That's so ganondorfish.

Do these gauntlets make me look ganondorfish, or is it just me?
by Mofo September 02, 2004
he is so cool
here mathan, have $1000
by mofo July 29, 2003
Word was coined at www.TeamFHA.com by the founder, Elusive. It is analagous to smacktard, fucktard, and asshat.
1. Smartass
2. Noob
3. Dumbass
4. Fuckhead
1. That's it, that's it, what shitpimple just ran into my plane.

2. Next time I get in a plane, why don't you shitpimples get in an AA and help me out.

3. Bullshit!! There is no way that shitpimple knew I was there.
by MoFo November 18, 2004
Standard abbreviated geographical name for the City of Austin in Texas.
"Welcome to Austin, TX"
by mofo February 29, 2004
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