a stalemate in a war where both (or more) sides have weapons of mass destruction.
by Anonymous September 10, 2003
A Cold War idea that neither the U.S. or the U.S.S.R. would use nuclear weapons on the other, knowing attack would lead to a mutually devatating counterattack.
Mutually assured destruction kept Ronald Regan from pushing the button.
by card law September 02, 2003
A concept that arose out of the Cold War between the US and USSR. The idea was that both sides had enough fire power and the technology to monitor and deliver it that if either side made a move, the end result would be the destruction of both sides. Sometimes shortened to MAD (which is what it was).
Mutually assured destruction was the equivalent of a Mexican Standoff.
by Nitewing '98 September 02, 2003
teachers call it MAD
when two countries come to an understanding that if one country launches an attack the other will retaliate with equal force
when jenifer gillbert walks into a class room
by Doughboy September 02, 2003
Happens when one person wittingly shares fluids with another person who is H.I.V. Positive or vice versa.
Tom agreed to roger Bill which is an agreement of mutually assured destruction.
by Peter Nubile September 02, 2003
(MAD) The Cold War strategic doctrine which made all-out nuclear war the only possibility for war between the super-power blocs (US & USSR). Like it or not (and who would?), it worked, at least in preventing the use nuclear weapons in war.
by lazarus51 August 31, 2003
The outrightly suicidal strategy of nations protecting themselves from nuclear (or, in more recent days, chemical or biological) attack by preparing enough weapons to reduce the attacking country to rubble even as they are themselves wiped out.

Basically, if you're going to be screwed over, make sure the rest of the world is, too.
During the Cold War, the US and the USSR built massive stockpiles of nuclear weapons while following a strategy of mutually assured destruction
by Sparky August 30, 2003

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