A spiritually enlightening drug that makes one realize what a crazy, messed up world we really live in. Everything seems more beautiful, nature is more appreciated, and one may experience open and/or closed-eye visuals, often of colourful patterns, or other things depending on amount taken. Best results occur when mushrooms are chewed then swallowed. The senses may also experience new things while on this drug, such as brighter lights, hearing new sounds, etc.
Mushrooms made me realize how beautiful and nice nature is, and I thought I was a hippie for 6 hours. They made me understand that this world is so fucked up and that nothing is original or right, and that we must achieve this state in reality in order to live a fulfilling life. Similar to the beliefs of buddhism though the religion does not accept drugs.
by AshleyIsAHippie June 18, 2005
A fungi that when ingested(depending on the amount) will produce cool visuals(intense colors, extremely glowy lights, traces on objects that move, ect) and in some cases hallucinations. Sold by 8ths with caps and stems. Best taken with a small group of close friends, and for the love of god dont get seperated(especially not in a rainy meadow with nothing around it except gloom). Good when combined with items such as cool cups and playdo.
Hey dude the shrooms cost 40 bucks for an 8th.
by Rusty Shakelford February 18, 2005
High definition life. There really isn't any other way to explain this drug until you try it for yourself. It just makes everything perfect for a good 6 hours, and coming down on it isn't that bad either.
Mushrooms are a hell of a drug
by phonebook March 04, 2008
1. A food
2. A fungi
3. A drug
4. A song ( badger )
Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Mushroom Mushroom
by SkuM001 November 24, 2003
A drinking game where multiple people sit in a circle around an upside down cup. They go around the circle, one by one drawing cards from a deck and depending upon what the card is everyone has to react accordingly.

CARD MEANINGS: (some variability exists)
2= You; the person who drew the card chooses someone to drink (take a large gulp of their drink)
3= Me; the person who drew the card must drink
4= Floor; Everyone must slap the floor with their hand, and the last person to do it must drink
5= Guys; All the guys in the group must drink
6= Chicks; All the chicks in the group must drink
7= Heaven; Everyone must raise their hand in the air, and the last person to do it must drink
8= Date; The person who drew the card picks someone and they both drink together
9= Busta Rhyme; The person who drew the card says a word and then everyone has to go around the circle saying words that rhyme with it, the first person who can't think of one has to drink
10= Categories; The person who drew the card indicates a category, and everyone has to go around saying things that fit into that category. The first person who fails must drink
Jack= Back; The person before the person who drew the card must drink
Queen= Questions; The person who drew the card asks someone a question and they must answer with a question or ask someone else a question. The first person who answers or says something not in question form must drink.
King= Rule; The person who drew the card gets to create a rule that must be followed for the rest of the game.
Ace= Waterfall; The person who drew the card starts drinking, followed by the next person who can't stop drinking until the person in front of them stops.

After you draw the card you place it on top of the upside down cup in the middle of the circle, thus creating a mushroom. If someone knocks over the mushroom they must finish their drink.
"We played 3 games of mushroom last night and I got so wasted off the waterfalls." "If you want to pwn Matt in mushroom, ask him about his chode when a queen is drawn!"
by Ajritals October 21, 2006
A hallucinogen that is seldom understood. The trip, for most people includes a dumbfounded experience followed by laughter, and then a come down off of the hights of the highest high. Is taken by shamans and apparently by kids who like to write defonitions. See (fungi)
1)Wow I thought those shrooms were cool and neat. Id like to get such visuals again sometime.
2) wow, mushrooms are totally unique, and influential as well as thought provolking and ego-dissolving, not to mention the other.
by goffish September 23, 2005
a dick slap across the face of someone, leaving a red mark resembeling the head of a mushroom.
"i whipped that bitch out and gave 'er a mushroom"
by online daddy December 09, 2004

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