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Feces that are produced from a cow, but then worshiped and revered by hindus as they spread it on their walls and set it on fire for blessed heat.
Vikram is spreading cow shit on his walls and then his wife Poonam sets some cow shit on fire for the family to pray.
by OJ Stabs Em January 03, 2010
Crap that comes out of a cow's anus
While walking through Uncle Barry's pasture, I stepped in a huge stinky pile of cow shit.
by yo-what-is-up-my-dawg November 03, 2003
something that is slightly nonsensical.
Your article is just cowshit, while his is fully bullshit.
by uttam maharjan July 28, 2010
noun. meaningless, worthless, and voluminous material; esp. written or published material.
The reporter's new book is 347 pages of cow shit about riding around Iraq in humvees.
by Omar Alaadin March 11, 2008
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