a fungus that is eaten like a vegetable
I like mushrooms on my pizza. ;)
by Mark September 11, 2003
something that always comes after a badger.
Badger! Badger! Badger! Badger! Badger! Badger!
Mushroom! Mushroom!
by mushroommushroom April 24, 2007
A mushroom is normally a girl (possibly a guy) with short hair shaped like a mushroom.
Sonia's new hair cut makes her look like a mushroom
by hehe sonia <3.. February 10, 2010
Things that make you feel funny, and prolong orgasms
It kept coming and coming, must be the mushrooms.
by Spelunking Monkey February 10, 2003
Some majorly evil things. Work a lot with garden gnomes.
Watch out for them.
"Yes ! They stop the happy noodles !"
by Ashiezorz August 26, 2007
An individual who is closely tied with their origins. So connected to their roots, they stubbornly refuse to live outside of their surroundings. Despite opportunities in other lands, the individual will not migrate. ,affection, lover, immigration, urban, artist
The artist will not blossom abroad, simply because he is a mushroom.
by Ola Plum March 31, 2008
A natural fungus, the shape of Condoleeza Rice's head.
damn that is one shroomy skull!
by Gerbilweebies February 25, 2005

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