A natural fungus, the shape of Condoleeza Rice's head.
damn that is one shroomy skull!
by Gerbilweebies February 25, 2005
1. A small fungi that has a thin stalk and fat head
2. A faggot who goes to gosford high
1. truffles are a type of mushroom
2. Scott is a mushroom
by gay_lord69 June 21, 2011
A person with absolutely no personality who soaks up personality from other people, especially people they are dating. This would include interests, sense of humor, fashion sense, etc.
The best celebrity example of a mushroom is Brad Pitt. You may notice that he changes the way he dresses and his interests based on who he's dating.

Used in a sentence: James claimed he like strong personalities, but his current girlfriend is evidence that he likes mushrooms.
by Serendipity99 July 05, 2007
1. Computer industry term for a programming primadonna with no social skills.

2. One who prefers writing code and/or administrating servers from a dark closet, whom is only to be bothered when someone has shit to throw at them.

3. An asshat with technical prowess that makes them hard to fire.
He's a damn good Unix admin, but he's a bit of a mushroom. If you don't want a condescening answer, there'd better be a server fire.
by irritus December 01, 2004
When a girl's engorged labia pops out the side of her shorts or panties, it resembles the top of a mushroom.
She was dancing on the stage in her short shorts when her mushroom popped.
by Looboy September 30, 2009
them people who are total and utter idiots and can do the easiest thing
no the light goes in this hole god ur such a mushroom
by its me guys April 03, 2009
you ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, or whoever really likes you and you lay down the law and will not let you go. they are a fungus like, as in gross, and are stuck on you for what feels like forever. they seem to not want to move on at all, when you are already over them.
1. This boy kyle is a mushroom! he will not move on!
2. My ex-girlfriend is being such a mushroom, man.
by Abbay June 13, 2007
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