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A yummy fungus that grows in the dark and feeds on manure
I must be a mushroom, people keep me in the dark, and feed me bullshit
by EZ 2 July 31, 2008
24 11
Mushrooms are an intense drug that grows from cow shit. Eat an eighth for an intense experience, make sure to have orange juice to wash it down. It takes about 45 minutes to kick in, and lasts about 6 hours. Your mind concerntrates on one subject for along time just trippin over it. You'll see alot of cool colors and designs wherever you go. There will be times where you laugh uncontrollably. Make sure to have lots of weed while shroomin, your body will absorb THC like no other. Some prefer the day, some prefer shroomin at night, I prefer both. After you're done, get a good nights rest.
==D.=====D.=======D==D=D.========D. Mushrooms field.
by Zabierek October 15, 2007
42 30
An interesting poisoning occurs when certain types are ingested in large doses.
"Hey, I got some of those Portobello mushrooms for that pizza!"
by Angie Conte February 19, 2007
21 12
A fun guy. As in the plural of fungus or mushroom: fungi
I love hanging out with him... That guy is a mushroom!
by im.so.vegas March 19, 2008
17 9
When you pull your scrotum over your penis forming a mushroom like shape where your genetiles should be.

Sam, your mushroom is huge!!
by Sam Wampler October 23, 2007
35 27
red with white spots, good for leveling up
mario leveled up when he ate the mushrooms
by life is an std September 06, 2010
11 7
a fungus that is eaten like a vegetable
I like mushrooms on my pizza. ;)
by Mark September 11, 2003
68 64