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someone that never fails to put a smile on your face
he makes me laugh, he's my mus
by flowerpower January 22, 2005
make up sex.
when you get on a fight with your boyfriend/girlfriend and then after the fight yo have sex.
gf: the makeup sex mus is the reason why i'm not angry with my boyfriend anymore
by movefreelol March 23, 2012
Person who leaves their friends, neighborhood, state, country, ethnicity, etc. after getting married. A person that changes their life according to his wife's choosing.
Jim became a mus and moved away
by Freinds4Life April 20, 2009
MakeUp Sex - the act of having sex after a lovers' quarrel.
Jenny: Why are you glowing so early in the morning?
Sandy: Mike & I almost broke up yesterday; But then we had M.U.S. all night long... (all night...)

or as a verb:
Sandy: ... But then we M.U.S'd all night long...
by YBqwerty April 14, 2008
A term used to describe a person who is always lofting around the place.

Aqmad: What are we even talking about?
Mohammed: Come you mus, wake up.
by Monsieur Blanc3 April 06, 2009
a sperm stain

properly used it pass tense and present only
Ex. Clean that mus on your shirt.
by CDrez December 12, 2007
it's acctually the Norwegian slang for "Pussy". (iow, a womans holyness)
The term acctually means Mouse in english. And it does look a bit like one now doesn't it? but hey, how would YOU know!? BWUAHAHAHAHAHA...>_>; j/k
å fy faen den musa va jævli deilig <3(danm, that pussy is hawt o.O)
by anonyMUS D; August 17, 2005
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