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to be in a state of boredom
no be lofting - to have nothin' to do
lofting also can be interpreted as relaxing
just bunned and feel like loftin'
fucken sick of this loftin
stop loftin man, lets reach
by blantus_blazah October 26, 2004
The act of taking Zoloft for recreational use; to get high off Zoloft
Did you see Jessica lofting the other day before school?
by joostin13 September 02, 2008
(adj) the act of drunkenly bringing home a random male/female hook up to a bed which is raised four feet or more off the ground.
who are you going to be lofting tonight?
by the lofting lady March 21, 2010
A state of relaxation. Just hanging out.
Q: You going to the party tonight
A: No im just lofting at home tonight

I'm lofting on a hammock
by the guys from room 9 August 15, 2012