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someone that never fails to put a smile on your face
he makes me laugh, he's my mus
by flowerpower January 22, 2005
Person who leaves their friends, neighborhood, state, country, ethnicity, etc. after getting married. A person that changes their life according to his wife's choosing.
Jim became a mus and moved away
#liar #betrayal #back-stabber #dumb-ass #pussy
by Freinds4Life April 20, 2009
make up sex.
when you get on a fight with your boyfriend/girlfriend and then after the fight yo have sex.
gf: the makeup sex mus is the reason why i'm not angry with my boyfriend anymore
#make up sex #make-up sex #breakup sex #break up sex #rebound sex
by movefreelol March 23, 2012
MakeUp Sex - the act of having sex after a lovers' quarrel.
Jenny: Why are you glowing so early in the morning?
Sandy: Mike & I almost broke up yesterday; But then we had M.U.S. all night long... (all night...)

or as a verb:
Sandy: ... But then we M.U.S'd all night long...
#sex #makeup #fight #quarrel #idtanl
by YBqwerty April 14, 2008
A term used to describe a person who is always lofting around the place.

Aqmad: What are we even talking about?
Mohammed: Come you mus, wake up.
#seen #nogger #run the noggin #blagues #soft
by Monsieur Blanc3 April 06, 2009
a sperm stain

properly used it pass tense and present only
Ex. Clean that mus on your shirt.
#sperm #spermula #pussy #ejaculate #and sex
by CDrez December 12, 2007
it's acctually the Norwegian slang for "Pussy". (iow, a womans holyness)
The term acctually means Mouse in english. And it does look a bit like one now doesn't it? but hey, how would YOU know!? BWUAHAHAHAHAHA...>_>; j/k
å fy faen den musa va jævli deilig <3(danm, that pussy is hawt o.O)
by anonyMUS D; August 17, 2005
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