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noun : a muslim, usually a muslim terrorist
verb : (1) to act as a muslim (2) to bomb something

pronunciation: muz
That mus, Osama bin Laden, just mussed my house!
by 910920 January 19, 2006
12 19
A male student often refered to as a prized item, when in reality they are nothing more than a dirty redneck southern pride douche bag. They like to sit in class and play the biscuit game with each other and enjoy loosing. The boys here are really gay and they like to eat cake. Often times you can find them at Backstreet down in midtown, Memphis performing all kinds of fellatio. These mussies tend to get it in the arse atleast, but not stopped at, 6 times a day.
That kid is gay, he must go to MUS, or atleast attended it once in his lifetime.

Wow did you see that fag run away!? He goes to mus!
by hairysachez December 11, 2007
45 54
a fit mc from blazin squad!! hes nang!!
mus and cassie shud be together
by maria aka mazz April 26, 2004
10 20
The finest all boys high school in the south.
Oh, you go to MUS. You guys are so much better at everything than CBHS.
by Lloyd the OWL April 17, 2005
90 106