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The gooch,the grundle, that seam between your ballsac and asshole, the one that if it wasn't there you'd fall apart because it holds you together.
nasty!!! there was hair on the girls seam that I fingured last night!!!
by Chester June 03, 2004
V. Male frontal wedgie where fabric of undergarments becomes wedged in the scrotal sack at the seam between the testies.
Dammit, Michael! If you make one more joke about camel toes I'm going to seam you! Trust me it hurts!

I'm going to seam you until you tear at the seam!
by MykeNMahti July 25, 2009
Shortening of 'seamed stockings', vintage or reproduction nylon or sometimes silk hosiery with a seam going up the back of the leg from under the toes to the stocking top, or welt. The stockings should be shaped to the leg (fully-fashioned) and are sewn up the back, hence the seam. Modern seams are often purely aesthetic and are not neccessary to the construction of the stocking.
Phwoar! Look at that wiggle! She looks good in that tight skirt with seams 'n' heels.
by Thee Red Monkey June 02, 2006
Strips of newer, smoother concrete on a pavement that has undergone reconstruction at some point. Usually a seam runs along the pavement and is a different colour or type on concrete. Usually seen on UK pavements.
The seam is smoother than the pavement, lets skate on that for more comfort. The pavement sucks but seam is smooth.
by slayerdude October 16, 2007
The peice of skin which connect a mans ass to his ball bag - also known as 'lower cock'
lick my seam
by Rio-T - September 20, 2003
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