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This is a pseudo-acronym of mutated and monkey.


A sub-species of the Human Race developed by Modern Governmental practices to insure production. Due to the current toxicity levels present in the World today. These beings are known to demonstrate irrational behavior ie: fighting, racism, politics so on and so forth but make up for their short comings by paying taxes so therefore are tolerated and kept around. Usually very selfish and clueless to their own affliction. These characteristics can and are passed on to their offspring due to ignorance about basic health, exercise and nutrition practices.
Munkeys see evil, hear evil and speak evil.

Munkey see, Munkey do.
by Someone already used my name. January 13, 2008
(noun) Oral pleasure involving the use of both the tounge,and throat.
"Mike sure gave some nice Munkey last night"
by Jimmy May 04, 2003
a term used to describe a member of the MUN; usually associated with the word drunk
YO MAN?! Did you hear those drunk munkeys got caught playing beer pong??
by PatPat February 28, 2006
A poorly drawn stick figure monkey.
1."I decided to have a purple munkey tattooed onto my ass cheek."
2."Ancient peoples whorshipped the munkies like Gods."
by annoymoose December 10, 2003
A lame Socom player who thinks people care about stupid stunts like this. See also "Waste of Space"
by Tidus May 04, 2003
good at eating pussy
Undefeated JCW Champion
sometimes known as:
crzy asshole
that fucking goth kid
ad other names
women love him
FUCKING MUNKEY, he stole my girl from under my cock,beat my homie,and stole my goddamn MONEY!!
by Munkey April 07, 2005
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