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Michael Jordan clothing and shoe line.
Do you sell Jumpman here?
by Michael Albers February 11, 2005
the 23rd woman a man has sex with. in honor of the great michael jordan.
Man: Hey, did you hear Steve got his Jump Man last night?
Boy: That's awesome, Steve is such a swordsman!
by t7j939 June 17, 2009
Air Jordans made by Michael Jordan.
You saw the new jumpmans yet those shits is fire.
by Sho March 26, 2005
The character who appeared in the original Donkey Kong game. Now called Mario .
We all know that the main character in Donkey Kong was Jumpman, not Mario.
by Brad June 09, 2003
The original name for Mario. He first starred in the arcade game Donkey Kong where he fought DK to rescue his girlfriend Pauline (Later changed to Princess Peach)
Don't be throwin' those barrels at me, or I'll go Jump Man on yo punk ass!
by OopBopShBam February 28, 2007
A straight up thug who's sole purpose is to jump (aka mug or rob) people on their turf. Plural is "Jumpmen"
I just got my wallet cleaned out by a jumpman the other day!
by RazorRogers June 14, 2016
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