In Australia the term - Mung / Munging / Mung out, means to eat. this is done most often while stoned or drunk. But it's just another term for eating, many people in Australia use this term.
Johnny: "man I'm so smashed, I need to mung out"
Matty: "Yeah lets go get some food"

10 Minutes later after food obtained.

Tom: "look at Johnny munging out on that pie"
by mika le mann September 01, 2009
In Australia, means to eat or devour something, usually quite enthusiastically.
I need to mung on something

I'm starving I wouldn't mind munging on a pie right now
by Antoi June 16, 2008
Australian -Verb - To eat with gusto and vigour, particularly when very hungry.
Comes from French: to eat - manger
Geez I'm starving, I could really mung down some carcass
by Chris25 May 17, 2010
1. (verb) the act of digging up a recently deceased woman and putting your mouth up to her vaginal orfice while someone else stomps on her stomach forcing all of the fluids (from the vagina) into your mouth.

2. (noun) the literal vaginal secretions from the dead female once in your mouth
2. Josh's grandma died so Johnny and I munged her. The funeral was a munging good time.
by mr. mung March 05, 2005
Any unidentifiable liquid/solid or anything in between that you would run through a burning shithouse to keep from smelling or getting on yourself!
When Ralph took off his sneakers he had some kind of grey mung goin on in between his toes.
by Jetmo May 04, 2009
When a man can smell himself, particularly his ball sack region. The female version of this is called chunch.
I hadn't showered in days and my mung was kicking. My wife did not appreciate it at all.
by Drumden September 28, 2010
to go for a munch, a snack, little lunch. often confused with the gross type of mung.
eg. " boys, mung in about half a hour? we should get some Cheetos."
by chrisanator69er July 14, 2013

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