Top Definition
To relax or chill

Alternate use: munging out, munged out.

Origin: South Africa
"We were just munging out at John's last night"
"We smashed a bong and decided to mung out for a few hours"

"We just munged out yesterday"
by SimonZulu August 15, 2012
'To, mung out'

The state of being whereby you are completely, utterly and satisfyingly relaxed to no end on both a physical and mental plateau.

Most usually resulting from great sex, masterbation, intense sport, epic surf, amazing meal etc.

NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH MUNGING. A horrid and crude, fictitious practice, tainting the real definition of this colloquium.
'Best surf ever, just gonna go mung out on the couch'

'We just munged out after that mate, amazing'
by Narrranger August 25, 2013
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