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1. Adios, Mother Fucker - Used in radio transmissions (allegedly Vietnam-era), sometimes late at night to dispatchers you want to startle.

2. Adios, My Friend - What you tell your Boss, mother, etc, that it means.

(Can also be used as "AMF", in chat)
1. "Alpha Mike Foxtrot, Charlie-3" - (Charlie-2)
"?" - (Charlie-3)
(Rest of shift laughs at 3)

2. "Just saying Goodbye to Dave, Mom!"
by MedPig October 05, 2007
Computer programming term, stands for "MODIFIED UNTIL NO GOOD", meaning someone applied so many 'fixes', that it stopped doing what it was supposed to...

Later, programmers told new guys it stood for "Mung Until no Good", a recursive loop, and watched their heads explode trying to figure it out...

Speaking as a former paramedic, it has NOTHING to do with dead or pregnant fluids.
<Programmer 1> - Hey, that script work yet?
<Programmer 2> - Nope, It's Mung, Smith got to it first.
<Programmer 1> - Damn.
by MedPig October 05, 2007
To warn someone in the subject line of an email that they shouldn't read it with a mouthful of anything, or it might wind up on their screen, or keyboard...

"A little joke for you >Spew Alert<"

"Damn, Dave should have given me a spew alert before mailing me the goatse, I need a new keyboard"
by MedPig October 26, 2007

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