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A common Oregonian slang term for Hillsboro, Oregon. Due to it's dominant population of Hispanics.
Hey me and Misti went out to Hillsburrito to pick up a couple tacos from a roach coach.
by JohnnyTwentySix July 27, 2005
An up and coming unofficial alternate name for Oregon City, Oregon. Earned by it's reputation for meth addicts, child molesters, and poverty.
I'm NEVER moving back to Oregon Shitty!
by JohnnyTwentySix July 27, 2005
In complete disarray. Devestating.
Everything in my life is munged up right now...
by JohnnyTwentySix July 27, 2005
1. A way to describe something that is consistently good and amazing.

2. A hopeless video game addict.
Man that shit's so NINTENDOPE!
by JohnnyTwentySix July 27, 2005
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