A word used for describing something as good...
those shoes are pretty munch.
by mistaaCJD October 27, 2010
To ruminate, to mind-fuck, to chew a situation over and over in your mind uselessly and unendingly.
When your boyfriend leaves: He's gone, that's it, I've just got to let him go and stop munching it.
by andy3142 July 07, 2010
when someone is hit by a part of someone elses body paricularly hard
e.g football tackle is a munch
by CHALKY 195 January 12, 2010
A meaningless makeout
Jackie: There's too many people in this bed
Face: Jackie, Shutup and MUNCH!
by 2nd Semester Seniors March 22, 2009
A shortened version of the common insult cock munch.
Can be applied as a noun in two forms: munch or muncher.
1: You're a stupid munch, get lost.
2: Get away from me you muncher!
by acron^ October 21, 2005
A vile, short-tempered person. This person usually also has a sick and twisted sense of humor, which includes southern windchime jokes.
Your attitude and foul language is gathering a lot of attention. Please stop acting like a munch.
by Plugg March 08, 2005
Munch is an adjective commonly used to describe food as tasty/delicious.
"hell i like macdonalds, it's munch"
"hench munch" - very tasty
by superstu November 20, 2004

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