A vile, foul-mouthed, and short-tempered lizard-man. Will often flail without being provoked and will not hesitate to laugh at Southern Windchime jokes.

A very sick and twisted person.
Your bad attitude, foul language, and bigotry sure does make you look like a munch.
by Rowr March 15, 2005
an old vagina with mussels on the outer lips, 30 coral reefs, and upwards of 50 crusty caves
"Damn, girl, how long has it been since you've used this thing? You've got yourself a crusty munch!"


"Dude, I heard you banged Ms. Phillips last night."
"Yea, it was gross... she had a munch."
by crazycrunch January 25, 2009
Munch is a word I started to use to describe someone as being a 'Munch' and has spread.

'A Munch' was primarily used to describe someone that was cheeky.

'A Munch' has moved on toosay to someone that u want to insult but not actually wanting to say it to their face. It's almost a replacement of something like the bleeps on television.
Shut-up you little munch.

fuck off, you munch.
by Chris Horridge January 05, 2005
A group of three or more lesbians. A "munch" is to lesbians as a herd is to cattle, a gaggle is to geese, or a school is to fish for example.
I had the brainstorm of getting my elderly grandfather a new flannel shirt for Christmas and as I burst through the flannel shirt store door it was standing room only because a "munch" of lesbians were also doing their Christmas shopping.
by Wheredidja Gotohighschool July 10, 2008
Verb. to eat.
"lets go to the canteen, and get some munch"
by Yacob February 07, 2003
1. To eat food, usually junk food, jus' because yo' are high.
2. To consume and ecstacy pill.
1. "Yo' G, has this fool got 'the munchies' or what?"
2. "I can't wait to munch these 'bikkies'."
by Diego August 31, 2003
Munches is the name given for two people who will always love and about each other. They are good friends who will always remain in one another's lives no matter what. Munches have an unspoken bond and connection that will last them a life time and their love will spand any distance.
Those two Munches are lucky to have each other.
by Jambie January 13, 2015

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