The act of creating a verbal faux pas.

When words are mispronounced or substituted for similar sounding words by accident; similar to malapropisms.

Originates from PC World, Croydon, England, 2011.
Salesman: So sir, which kind of phone contract are you looking for?
James: Something cheap as I have a really good deal right now.
Salesman: Oh really, what deal are you on?
James: Well, at the minute I pay five pounds a munch.
*Salesman and other customers snigger and chortle*
James: A month! Five pounds a month!
by EmmaIsDefinitelyAwesome June 20, 2011
Munches is the name given for two people who will always love and about each other. They are good friends who will always remain in one another's lives no matter what. Munches have an unspoken bond and connection that will last them a life time and their love will spand any distance.
Those two Munches are lucky to have each other.
by Jambie January 13, 2015
To fall off a bike or skateboard,etc, onto the sidewalk or street, etc, especially on one's face.
Dude, did you see that kid munch it on the corner?!!
by Mz M August 29, 2005
A food that you like the taste of.
"Aww man, have you tried this cake? It's munch!"
by BeccABitch! August 26, 2009
A character from BBC2 sitcom 'Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps'. Only appeared recently, and is considered annoying by the other characters from the show.
"You only came to the pub to get away from Munch, didn't you?!"
by Jon K January 10, 2004
Shortened version of munchkin. Used on Facebook when describing small children.
"Hanging out with my munch n my Oscar at the park on a beautiful hot Sunday!!" - Jennifer Hudson Facebook page.
by Ronald McDonald II June 10, 2012
when someone is hit by a part of someone elses body paricularly hard
e.g football tackle is a munch
by CHALKY 195 January 12, 2010
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