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To fall off a bike or skateboard,etc, onto the sidewalk or street, etc, especially on one's face.
Dude, did you see that kid munch it on the corner?!!
by Mz M August 29, 2005
Morning + Lunch = Munch

The new and improved version of synonym Bunch.
Earmarked for replacement of Bunch in Oxford Dictionary 2020.
Pilate : "Want to get on the lash?"
Jesus : "Sure, after Munch?"
by thewordmakerer February 14, 2013
Shortened version of munchkin. Used on Facebook when describing small children.
"Hanging out with my munch n my Oscar at the park on a beautiful hot Sunday!!" - Jennifer Hudson Facebook page.
by Ronald McDonald II June 10, 2012
the act of having sex; as if the labbia are munching a penis like a sandwich. the female counterpart to the male usage of bone.
girl: ugh he's so hot i want to munch him
by jimminycricketzzz November 20, 2011
To eat quickly. If you have a short amount of time, you have to munch. It is something you often see the Lunch Crew doing.
(Just received your food) Wow bro! We got like ten minutes until class starts... We gotta munch!
by Groves Warriors August 31, 2009
A food that you like the taste of.
"Aww man, have you tried this cake? It's munch!"
by BeccABitch! August 26, 2009
A character from BBC2 sitcom 'Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps'. Only appeared recently, and is considered annoying by the other characters from the show.
"You only came to the pub to get away from Munch, didn't you?!"
by Jon K January 10, 2004