to consume magic mushrooms
Where are we going to munch tonight?
by munchkin June 05, 2004
to make physical contact with
Shit! That girl just got munched by the lorry
by bodge November 28, 2003
ruining a good joke; taking a joke too far, much like a certain rugmuncher at whrhs
Dude that joke was funny until you munched it. Thanks a lot
by Darrell Stone May 25, 2007
A food that taste's,looks or smells really good
" that was munch " or "that smells munch"
by Mdotman August 07, 2006
To perform oral sex on a woman; as in, to munch box.
Brooklyn: Did you bang that little cock-socket last night?

Cadillac: She wouldn't fuck so I munched her, and she gave me a slowie.
by CadillacZach June 02, 2005
1. to eat snack foods
2. to fall hard when skateboarding
1. munchin' on the grubbage
2. Jake munched it hard and broke a tooth
by hephe March 29, 2005
the word called out when copying is recognized
Girl 1: i want twins
Girl 2: i want twins too
Girl 1: MUNCH !
by Damee June 18, 2008

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