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The best, or for real, or really, etc etc. A positve verb. Pronounced 'Propa'
"I'm proper hungery"
"This food is proper good"
by Yacob February 07, 2003
An ungainly work colluege or associate. One who could be described as: dull, stupid (possibly to the point of retardation), ugly and boring
"Have you seen the new guy in the packing room?"
"Yes mate, complete ganner."
by Yacob February 05, 2003
is a boy who is the twin to Lord Farquad. Many think lil of him, and he is in Short Supply. We will let u do the measuring wen u see him.
Poor kid-dont u realise steroids stunt ur growth!
by yacob July 26, 2004
To eat ones fill
"I wanna go to the canteen and get proper munched up, I'm fuckin starvin!"
by Yacob February 07, 2003
General allrounder. Used in coversation when one or parties concerned can't be bother to actually make conversation. Used widely on "King of the Hill" when the guys are all drinking beer and shooting the breeze.
by Yacob February 07, 2003
An english £1 coin due to its resemblance to a lump of unrefined gold
"wicked, I just found a nugget down the back of the sofa!"
by Yacob February 05, 2003
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