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Derived from the British word for mother, mum, "mumpy" is a word which is also used for mother, in an affectionate way.
"Mumpy! What's for dinner?"
by Twiglette August 14, 2007
Mumpy means that something is REALLY good.
That meal was really Mumpy!
by Pank April 25, 2009
Giving oral sex to a lady (muffing out ) whilst said lady is having a dump.
"Ere my babber when e be done giving i a mumpy , can e check to see if i ave any klinkers"
by M.P.MACEY January 23, 2008
the act of performing cunnilngus (going down) on a woman when she is shitting.
The smell came from the bathroom; I knew Debra was making a poopy, and that meant mumpies or no dinner.
by poobro69 February 19, 2011
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