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Generating from Birmingham, England, this word is another way to say the word "definiately". It was formed from the Tottenham Hotspur and England striker Jermain Defoe's first name, as many people say the word "defo" instead of definately.
"Are you going to play football after schhol tonight?"
"Yeah, Jermain"
by eLCon October 05, 2005
This word generated around Birmingham, England and is the word "faggit" backwards. Faggit is the alternate spelling of "faggot" often used by Brummies also. An adventurous way to call somebody homosexual or a prat/w**ker.
1. "Did you hear about Colm and Chris having that shower together?"

"EEEEEE! F**king tiggafs!"

2. "Look at Hillman doing extra, unnecessary work after school in the library"

"Haha tiggaf"
by eLCon September 15, 2005
A person who is grumpy, either for a reason or no apparent reason at all
"Hey Moyles"
"Fúck off eLC"
by eLCon October 05, 2005
An English slang word which is a shortened form of "bullshit"
"Someone told me that Thierry Henry has signed for Scunthorpe United?!?!"
"Nah man that's bulla"
by eLCon August 11, 2005
This word orignated from Birmingham, England and is the word "rees" backwards (see "rees" in the urban dictionary for definition). It has the same meaning as the word rees but is a different and possibly more extreme was of calling somebody a "rees" or "resol".
"HAHA look at Brendon Hanrahan's hair!"
"HAHAHAHA what a seer!"
by eLCon September 15, 2005
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