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town/village in County Donegal, Ireland. One of the most northerly towns on the island of Ireland although it is in the south! c.f. political situation in Northern/Ireland. It is on a peninsula and belive it or not diving is popular!
You fellas goin divin in Muff this weekend?
by marcu November 06, 2005
51 52
Short for Muffin
Let's have another muff session tomorrow!
by Coodles May 08, 2004
50 51
to smoke weed, can be used as a verb and a noun.
"That muff was so good I am so muffed up now."
by Lisa August 24, 2003
50 51
a hairy vagina
The muff I was eating smelled like fish
by Greg August 22, 2003
101 102
A Combination of "Messed Up" and "Fucked up"
I was going to sink that 3-pointer but I Muffed up.
by Muff-Diver July 15, 2003
50 51
1)the hair around a womans genitalia
2)to give oral sex to a woman
you should have seen the bird i pulled last night her muff was bushier than the amazon rainforests!
by Anonymous April 07, 2003
53 54
a pouffy area often frequented by "Z"
Can I see the MUFF please!!!
Going to the cocomuff to get muffafied!
by Brown beauty February 25, 2003
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