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your place of comfort also known as your home sweet home. What your call your house if you love it.
Let's get outta the storm and get in the nest. It's been a hard day at work I can't wait for the nest. I gotta go girl my man wants me at the nest.
by swheatley February 07, 2009
5 0
the area in a city where all the dirty blacks/ other minoritys breed. often 8 to 12 nigros will live here in conditions considered unsanitary for rats to live in. commenly one large hoodrat white woman will strut her thick ass through the door so the blacks can crawl on her and fill her fat ass up with thier unworthy fluids
hey jarold lets go bust down the door to the nest and throw those filthy dogs off that thick peice of meat
by t-rokd June 06, 2009
4 5
When You Finger An S.O.s Grundle Very Quikly
"Give Me a The Nest Faster Than .99!"
by Maia July 13, 2002
0 13