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Anything which can happen between a couple. There is no set definition as to what it may be, but it can be said that it is something that someone who is not part of the couple would not want to be around when it is occurring.
Hey you two! Remember: no hanky panky in the backseat!
by Tomothy November 29, 2004
Discreet or surreptitious romantic or sexual activity. See hankey pankey for origins.
There was hanky panky going on under the table during our meeting.
by Downstrike June 08, 2004
verb. could mean anything that happens between a couple like holding hands, kissing, sex, etc.
"There goes Austin and Alana... off to do some hanky-panky..."
by Siege August 07, 2003
1. dishonesty, decietfulness

2. sexual intercouse, especially sexual misconduct
Looks like there's some hanky-panky going on in there.
by Light Joker April 08, 2007
Doing the dirty deed with someone. Hanky panky is a pleasant and less grotesque way of saying boning your lovah.

"Me and my lover did the Hanky Panky last night. It was da bomb."
by ShmoopieDoopie2345 December 06, 2008
The act of fucking ,or doinf sexual activities you dont even have to be a couple :you horny ass motherfuckers
Austin: I got some hanky panky from jessica last night.Bitch was loose asf

Brad: Thats why i always get hanky panky from her sister she's wayyyyyy less loose and Jessica's a nasty hoe
by we just 2 bitches March 21, 2016
The stupiedest word in the history of man made to describe promiscuity.
conservative father: now i don't want you two gettin all hanky panky in the back seat, ya hear?

son: seriously dad? your making this awkward.
by IHateConservativeHicks July 09, 2010
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