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In web forums - to be scooped in the presentation of a story or topical news item.
MobyDick posted it here first -- I've been mucked!
by Anonymous July 15, 2004
getting pwnd, owned, murdered, hammered, killed, insulted, etc.
Dude, that kid just got mucked !
by Stewmister6170 October 06, 2010
Derived from the word, "muck" which means "turd" or "shit".
Mucked referrs to something which is soiled.
Oh no get that kid out of the car he's mucked his pants again, what a fuckin stink that is.

"and then she held mi balls, I started chucking mi muck, I mucked all over her bloody hair, mate, oh it were all over her face. I never threw so much cum in mi life"

I were gonna pass the ball honest but I just mucked it up
by gruber rosebowl October 26, 2007
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