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slang: Any small shop or convience store that is owned and operated by an indian. Distinguishable by the dirt and close proximity of a large variety of items one would never buy, until stoned.
I ran to the muck-muck for a pack of cigarettes and ended up buying a glass pipe, some lottery tickets, a can of oil, some vintage porn, cheap plastic jewlery, and the owner's daughter.
by ThaDudesBro August 15, 2006
Phencyclidine (PCP) used on Crack cocaine. Space balls will fuck up yo day. Rarely seen, because most of the population thinks the experience is horrible, dangerous, and terrifying, and a good crack head thinks its a waste of cook up.
I figured it would be a good idea to try a space ball one time in my life, but now I'm not allowed to enter Canada for six years, and I have to stay 100 ft away from all Mennonite churches.
by ThaDudesBro August 25, 2006
someone whose is freeded from societal obligations, like getting a job or taking a shower.
B is such a patchouli smoker that he acctually voted for Kerry.
by ThaDudesBro August 15, 2006

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