An experience that is inconvenient and unwarranted; any unpleasant or undesirable event.
"The drive through Boston today after the Red Sox game was such a mount, it took like 2 hours to get through the city."

"Wrapping 100ft, 2 inch thick generator cables is a mount."
by JohnnyClemz June 14, 2008
Top Definition
(1) when a male animal moves on and into the female for mating.
(2) when the female animal moves onto the male penis for mating.
We drank, kissed, talked for 20 minutes. I kissed her again, then nuzzled her neck, brushing against her breasts. She complained ofbeing warm andpulled off her sweater. I undressed and asked her if she would join me in bed. She quickly stripped, lay down beside me, and pressed her tits and belly against me. Then she rolled onto her back, raised her knees off the bed, and I was finally able to mount her, ramming my cock deep into her vagina on the 4th thrust.
by John R. December 08, 2003
To forcibly thrust the penis into the vagina.
After 3 months, Pepa finally allowed me to mount her.
by GuidoPosse69 March 03, 2005
1. A mount is a riding animal, i.e. a (usually domesticated) animal intending for riding—an equine such as horse, camel, elephant or garuda. To mount means to sit astride such an animal.

2. To mount is to climb or to stand atop something. In this sense, it can also refer euphemistically to copulation (sex), especially between animals.

3. Mounting, in taxidermy, is the preparation of dead animals for display.

4. A mount is a point where additional equipment, such as a weapon, camera, winch and telescope can be attached to a vehicle so that the vehicle itself, rather than the operator, supports the weight of the equipment.

5. A mount in grappling, is a favourable position where one sits on the adversary's chest.

6. A mount in gymnastics is the maneuver of going from the ground onto a gymnastic apparatus, such as the balance beam or parallel bars.

7. "Mount" may be short for mountain, especially in names such as Mount Ararat.

8. Mounting is also a computer term when dealing with file systems.

9. Mounting is also used to describe growing/increase.
1. He mounted the horse.

2. She mounted him in bed.

3. He was mounting his fish for display.

4. She had the camera mounted on the tripod.

5. He mounted (straddled)his opponent for the kill.

6. He climbed Mount Vernon.

7. His anger was mounting.
by Angela Ford August 10, 2006
Has several meanings, in this case, when a male animal moves on to of the female for mating.
After hours of nibbling, caressing, and nuzzling the mare, she allows the stallion to mount her.
by Takara September 28, 2003
To connect a drive to a computer
To copy files from a flash drive, simply mount the drive and drag the files.
by tkbxcp January 15, 2013
when bored in class you put your desk on the chair of the person sitting in front of you and say aloud "MOUNT!" get the entire class to mount
yesterday I mounted kat's chair
by blu3hat January 26, 2011
A position in grappling or bjj, where someone is on top of another's chest with their knees touching the ground.
He took the fight to the ground got mounted and rained down bombs on his opponent.
by ArchStanton September 20, 2005
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