to dominate another person, normally of the same sex, by dry humping the shit out of them. This renders the victim helpless, thereby making him a total pussy and a great target for verbal humiliation.
Damn Jerry! Rick just mounted the mess out of you! You're so gay!!!

-What's wrong Morty? You look overwhelmed and depressed.
-I am. Janet just mounted me.
-Hahahaha you just got mounted by a girl!! TOOL!
by maskedMounter March 25, 2009
A position in grappling or bjj, where someone is on top of another's chest with their knees touching the ground.
He took the fight to the ground got mounted and rained down bombs on his opponent.
by ArchStanton September 20, 2005
An experience that is inconvenient and unwarranted; any unpleasant or undesirable event.
"The drive through Boston today after the Red Sox game was such a mount, it took like 2 hours to get through the city."

"Wrapping 100ft, 2 inch thick generator cables is a mount."
by JohnnyClemz June 14, 2008
when one man puts his leg over the leg of another
dilpreet mounted dom, until he got stiff
by Penis McTithead February 19, 2004

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