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3 definitions by maskedMounter

while being mounted, the victim reverses on the mounter and dominates him. This is four times the humiliation of a regular mount.
you just got worked son! REMOUNT! Suck my cock!
by maskedMounter March 26, 2009
When you want to mount the ever loving fuck out of someone.
I saw this fat piece of shit bent over and I was overwhelmed with mount lust!
by maskedMounter March 27, 2009
to dominate another person, normally of the same sex, by dry humping the shit out of them. This renders the victim helpless, thereby making him a total pussy and a great target for verbal humiliation.
Damn Jerry! Rick just mounted the mess out of you! You're so gay!!!

-What's wrong Morty? You look overwhelmed and depressed.
-I am. Janet just mounted me.
-Hahahaha you just got mounted by a girl!! TOOL!
by maskedMounter March 25, 2009