Way of Kicking a Women in the Vagina as hard as you can, For her to produce large amounts of Cum.
"Man, I'd really like to be mooking her right now'.
by John Walkins December 06, 2010
An act of necrophelia in which 1 person puts his mouth in or around the corpse's private area and 1 climbs up a ladder and jumps on the stomach of the dead body, shooting fecal matter and intestines into the other's mouth.
They were gonna go mooking, but the dead body had decomposed too much already.
by boyzRhot December 29, 2009
to be joking or kidding.
You gotta be mooking me.

It's a joke. I am just mooking with you.
by dietsoda September 11, 2011
The act of having sexual intercourse in the back of a U-Haul truck while surrounded by stuffed walruses and fuzzy pink dildos.
Grandpa: Hey sexy lady I got a U-Haul, wanna mook?
Grandma: I was hoping you'd ask! I'll get the fuzzy pink dildos.
Grandpa: Okay I'll be waiting in the truck to start mooking!
by Babahabajaba June 07, 2010
(v.) The performance of mookish acts, the imitation of The Mook himself, acting like a mook.
"That noob is mooking it up."

"I feel like mooking at the full moon right about now."
by 150cc May 07, 2004
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