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sweet and swoll, often essential to people's lives; often likable and personable
me: Wow, that kid has a lot of great qualities.
you: Oh, you mean like a mikey?
by Whatchamacallit milk chocolate March 10, 2008
the most amazing thing that could ever happen to you, he may disagree and tell you otherwise, but hes perfect in every way. Once you fall for him theres no turning back, and all you want to do is be with him. His eyes are usually a sparkly brown ; and when he stares into your eyes you hope that the moment will last forever because its the most amazing feeling, having him looking back at you. When he sings to you, its like your world is on pause and everything that should matter, doesnt. Because he lets you forget, and all your troubles fade away, and when your together anything is possible. He is so loveable, there is nothing you wouldnt do for him. And you know he feels the same , i suck at this, but its how you feel.
god, id give anything to be with mikey.

im in love with mikey.

mikey is such a goof <3
by anonymoustinney April 10, 2011
An amazing guy that tends to say "lolz" and "word" alot. He will make anything fun and tends to make people jealous of his awesomeness.
Boy-"I'm really sorry!"
Girl-"Why can't you be more of a Mikey?!"
by Catherine6292 April 21, 2008
A person (usually a man) that denies his sexual and pornographic tendencies and pretends to be a person of impeccable morality.
"That guy is such a fuckin' Mikey."
by Deedledee July 25, 2006
the best person that EVER walked this planet. the person people want to be. the nicest. the coolest. the most romantic. the hottest. (i lost the game)

Mom- "Well if you were more like mikey, we wouldn't have this problem now, would we?"
by Reburta. March 08, 2009
a funny kid that can make anyone like him. around when you need him and apperently in love with wrestling. fun textier and crazy friend but kind of like the kid yu would want to date cause he is amazing.
damn that mikey<3 he is the best friend some one could know and also i think im crushing =
by XxX Whore-Face XxX March 18, 2009
The love of life and the one who will have a girl's heart forever. She is not ashamed of his love, and he is not ashamed of her's.

He likes to cuddle and be held, occasionally scratched behind the years.
Be warned, Mike may think he is a horrible bad person, when in fact he is only deeply in love and attempting to change himself for the better, with the help of this author.
Because of his efforts and love for others,including but not limited to his love of his life, he is a genuine and caring person who is a desperate need of some major love-making.
"You are such a mikey sometimes...but I love you anyways"

"You are the sweetest mikey I've ever seen."
by SaraBear86 May 02, 2009
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