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A land of chocolate and fun, where trolls run free and lensman is sent via PM approximately three thousand times daily
The Penny Arcade Forum is so kewl, OMGZ
by 150cc November 14, 2003
The newest and latest scourge of the internet, first discovered and popularized by SE++; a sassy and hip new goatse for the goatse fan in all of us!
I opened the private message from boddah expecting to see a funny and witty phrase or two, and then I saw that I was lensman'd!
by 150cc November 14, 2003
The quality of being as a mook, or The Mook, would be.
"That's some downright mookish behavior, Larlar."
by 150cc May 07, 2004
(v.) The performance of mookish acts, the imitation of The Mook himself, acting like a mook.
"That noob is mooking it up."

"I feel like mooking at the full moon right about now."
by 150cc May 07, 2004

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