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An affectionate word to show great feeling, similar to love. Can be used as noun, verb etc.
I'm totally mooked on you

I mook you

Hey Mook
by Blockochocolate December 03, 2009
1 15
Some one who wears all denim, lies about a bunch of stuff, and welcomes you to the underground
Sean is such a fucking "mook"
by U.K. mook May 01, 2009
2 16
A fan of the New York Mets baseball team.
Look at all those damn mooks in the stands.
by Ryan Michalski April 13, 2008
6 20
A mook is a printed publication that is considered to be half magazine / half book. It's usually less 'book-like' than a book in that it resembles a magazine, but is a higher quality magazine, i.e. doesn't feature (much) advertising, has nicer paper stock and a thicker, glossier cover.
I can't wait to read that mook.
by Miyuki Maya August 18, 2007
27 41
master of outragous kach (shit)
i was talkin to leon the other day he is such a mook!!
by linzbian September 03, 2008
2 17
A cross between a magazine and a book.
A Mook is not as disposable as a magazine, but not as large as a book.
You treasure a mook - you dispose of a magazine.
You collect mooks - you throw magazines away.
You poor over the content in a mook - you scan through magazines.
by Jim Antonopoulos January 25, 2007
9 24
an evil bitch/bastard. a fucker.
Dylan is a fucking mook.
by <3..2..1.. DISCO June 12, 2005
1 16