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from Gaelic meaning "beautifully formed." Slang as someone who is beautifully formed; proper name as well.
Person: Hey look at that boy named Jack.
Other: Wow, he is really a Quinlan!
Person: Right on, like no other!
by Jim August 20, 2005
It is a move in the popular video game HALO 2. It's when the opposing player jumps in the air and while he's in the air he shoots you in the head, this move is tough and is sweet when accomplished!
"yo I just quinlan'd that noob"
by Evan Morrell September 07, 2006
A baby made of awesome.
When I have kids, I want a Quinlan.
by jessisaurusrarr January 25, 2009
A very large orgy, or penis.
"He has a quinlan!"
"That quinlan last night was awesome."
by Starfishfromspace September 25, 2013
someone who is a debbie downer, doesnt like to do anything new or fun. also a biggest dodger when it comes to events, parties, and closest gatherings
yo mann im about to go quinlan on this guy, i dont wanna pick up my phone calls

stop being a quinlan
by debbie downZ November 20, 2011
being a goody goody two shoes and a suck up. The people that act like they are tough and think they are geniuses
Everyone in their lives knows at least a few Quinlans
by tenkaichi February 15, 2011
A Creepy old teacher who is rumored to first rape then eat children of both sexes and of all ages.
Friend 1: I have to take an after school test with Quinlan.

Friend 2: Well, There goes your asshole.
by RaidJTC February 25, 2009

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