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a person usually a bf or gf who never pays for anything and who is always with money of their own. The always relay on somebody else to pay for them....but the mooching is okay because he or she is your friend.
muff muff muff muff from Carleton University always mooches off her friends.
by whitebooi March 06, 2011
5 3
Similar to mooching but the act of mooching is not currently taking place but is expected to resume
Ivan mooches cigarets from me whever im around him I dont want to say no but I cant say yes
by Gopalji September 06, 2005
5 0
Mooch is when you do something for no real reason or you just aimlessly carry out tasks subconsiously.
I was in my room just having a mooch.

I wasn't really doing anything, just mooching around

We mooched around the mall for a bit.
by James2968 February 10, 2011
4 1
A lawyer who would borrow $0.75 to repay a $0.50 loan.
Hey, did that lawyer just wear slacks over his jeans to avoid paying the $2 for jeans day? What a mooch.
by Bob1111230 March 09, 2011
1 0
someone who takes everything for free and makes you buy stuff and takes things from you
hey do you know jackie quinn?

yea hes a mooch!!!!!~
by BALL54k February 27, 2011
2 1
See bree gilbert. Also, one who wants to try every single thing you are eating or drinking.
I couldn't enjoy my dinner today because bree was mooching off of me the whole time I was trying to eat.
by xxpaiig3x August 18, 2009
2 1
mew-chtch; verb. To walk in the local area for the sake of walking; often in order to de-stone oneself after a session. Often this is accompanied with stopping off for chippy and a fight before returning home.
"Feel a bit er, stoned, can we go for a mooch"

"I've been taken ill all of a sudden; fancy a mooch?"
by Luke Prescott November 21, 2007
10 9