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A worker, often temporary, who crosses a strikers' picket line, going to work in place of the strikers.
The scabs had their cars egged when they arrived at the factory.
by x January 31, 2003
Someone willing to take a striking workers job because they couldnt have got the job otherwise.They care about no-one but themselves,have allegiance to no-one,including who they work for, and cannot see long term. They will take almost any abuse from their employer, and dont give a whit about their fellow workers.This is the true makeup of a scab.
"hey scab, who's boots you lickin today?"
by I. M. Enlightened June 24, 2007
Formed when platelets in the blood come in to contact with oxygen in the air. Irresistable to pick.
"I love picking scabs."
by Soiled Undergarment August 18, 2003
Any person (this means you Marilyn) who crosses a Union picket line.
Someone who wears a Union support shirt at work before the strike, then crosses the first day. Drives by striking workers without a glance. Then when all have gone home later go's outside and picks up a strike sign, and pretends she's on strike. Doing this; she go's down to the Union hall later and tries to pick up a strike check. Once you scab, you always will be a SCAB!!!!
by Union Striker October 03, 2005
1. Verb: to obtain a good or money from someone for free by asking them.

2. Noun: a person who frequently obtains goods/money from others for free by asking them. See also 'tightarse'.

(Australian slang.)
1. "Don't invite Rob to the party, he'll just scab drinks off everyone."

2. "That guy is such a scab!"
by aneurysm1985 April 21, 2004
Someone who spends their life with their hand out, expecting the rest of us to provide for them. In a village scenario, scabs are cooked and eaten, or just cooked and thrown to the dogs. In a modern day scenario, scabs are looked after by the government. They spend their days wasting the hard earned tax dollars of real people, filling their bodies with food that would be better used for feeding the dogs, throwing in a food fight, or just left outside to rot.
A scab thinks the world owe's them a living and will never lift a finger to look for work. Much to the disgust of the rest of us, the scab will still join in discussions about how the country should be run, even though they are but a scab formed from the wound of the welfare system, bleeding money out of the fund needed to fix the roads that scabs complain about on their way to the welfare office.

A person genuinely in need of welfare is not a scab, until they are able to work but choose not to because it's easier to sit around all day and complain that their lives suck. A scab is fairly low, but a considerable step up from a rabbit scab
Scab: 'Man, life is so hard, I have to wait till pay day to get some KFC and a new game to play'

What most people say: 'Yea, that sux man...'

What people should say: 'Fuck up scab. It's not 'pay day' for you, it's 'hand out day'. Get off your scab ass and contribute to society so I don't have to see you wasting my tax dollars on entertaining your worthless scab mind.
by Expose December 14, 2014
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