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A small, mythical being, resembling a leprechaun, that engages in inappropriate activities.
That Monopoly is wearing those prostitute pants again.
by A person in the middle of nowhere February 19, 2008
25 13
See Bill Gates, Microsoft.
Hey, I just bought every stripper in the world. Woo hoo!
by Teh Bucky September 15, 2004
61 55
Monopoly is the act of masturbation. Mono, meaning one, and poly, sounding like 'pully'. so one person, pulling their penis. this can be used for females, but they won't be pulling anything
Dude 1 : Hey man, what's up?
Dude 2 : Playin monopoly, I'll call you back later.
Dude 3 : Dude wtf
by Not Mike Prata March 11, 2010
5 2
when a male covers the receiving partner in cum so that wherever she puts her hands, she lands in cum.
Man #1: hey, i heard you and your girl played monopoly yesterday.
Man #2: yeah and she sent me straight to jail...
by noodlenightmare November 18, 2010
6 4
The act of feigning ignorance about something and asking people about it.
"Jeezus Rayhan, stop doing a Monopoly and asking the time. I can see a wrist watch on your arm!!"
by FMorgano April 16, 2014
1 0
Monopoly: A bored, (pardon the Freudian slip), game.

monopoly: A legal concept that has been legislated out of existence by attorneys, judges, and legislators. Now that all legal definitions of monopoly are unlawful, simply understand this: When a corporation is so big that it doesn't need to worry about whether consumers like doing business with it, because they have no choice, it's a monopoly.
No please, let's not play Monopoly.

See PayOhHell, MyCrudSoft, and Kneejerk Corruptions, Incorrigible.
by Downstrike December 12, 2004
32 32
Used to cover openly talking about attending a party with large amounts of alcohol.
You ready to go play some monopoly Friday Jamie?
by Acassa Beer April 16, 2008
4 6