exclusive control of a commodity or service in a given market, or control that makes possible the fixing of prices and the virtual elimination of free competition.
Microsoft has a monopoly on PC computer operating systems.
by surfer girl May 06, 2005
expression used by high school dropouts to describe something of extreme coolness.
Fuck dude, that shits monopoly.
by baylie April 12, 2008
When you hook up with 2 or more people who are related to each other in a short period of time.
Mate: Aye, Bloke, which one would you rather tap? Mary Kate or Ashley Olsen?

Bloke: What do you mean which one, I'd try for the monopoly, Mate!
by the wutt February 26, 2008
it's what you tell your mom your doing at your boyfriend or girlfriends house when she calls
(cell rings)
You: Damn, it's my mom (answers cell angrily) What?
Mom: what are you up to?
You: uh..playing monopoly
Mom: ok, i'll talk to you in the morning (hangs up)
Your Boy/girlfriend: Dude you just lied to your mom
You: I know, so shut up and bang me
When a person tries screwing with someone's head by making up a random words, putting them together and persuading them it means something very important even though its just gibberish. Created by Soly Mehdyzadeh and promoted By Steven Goltche and SaSha Mehdyzadeh".
Please make sure that this word is added as soon as possible. I greatly appreciate this, Sincerely Steven Goltche.

Monopoly is when you say to someone, "Sir please don't forget to tell the guy who brought the book back to the yard after three o'clock because if you don't its going be a big problem for him like last week when he fell on the floor and broke his head on the floor next to the park by the trees and birds".

by Esteven Gogeh April 29, 2007
A small, mythical being, resembling a leprechaun, that engages in inappropriate activities.
That Monopoly is wearing those prostitute pants again.
by Super Shmee February 18, 2008
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