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Any form of sex followed by the receiving partner getting covered in cum and barbeque sauce.
friend #1: hey man, i heard you gave your girlfriend a chicken nugget yesterday.

friend #2: hell yeah, she took it better than a Macdon's drive thru.
by noodlenightmare November 02, 2010
when a male covers the receiving partner in cum so that wherever she puts her hands, she lands in cum.
Man #1: hey, i heard you and your girl played monopoly yesterday.
Man #2: yeah and she sent me straight to jail...
by noodlenightmare November 18, 2010
having sex in a place usually reserved for fancy guests and parties.
wellington wordsworth: my, what a magnificent meal.

lady blackwell: Thank you. Why, just the other day, i had my own turkey dinner on this very table.
by noodlenightmare November 02, 2010

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