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A mixed drink composed of Gatorade and Vodka. Put those electrolytes and everything in gatorade to use and help it deliver alcohol to your system more quickly!! Named after Decatur, GA.
Yo man i'm wasted.
What you sippin on?
by Greer December 10, 2003
A masturbation session
He's in his room. Probably having a quiet 15.
by Greer August 10, 2004
Code word for weed or getting high or anything with pot.
Ex: I want to play monopoly.
Ex: We need some more monopoly money
by Greer April 24, 2005
A guy from sweden who has a face like a whale and has a blow hole in the back of his finny head
you whaley bastard get back to your pool and eat some buckets of fish
by Greer January 28, 2005
Fairfield County is by far one of the most amazing counties in our entire country. While it is true that it is also the 2nd wealthiest county, there are a fair share of unwealthy people. Obviously there are towns such as Greenwich, Ridgefield and Darien which are extraordinarily wealthy, with old colonial homes and men and women holding high-powered business positions in New York. But, there is also the poverty-stricken city of Bridgeport. While Bridgeport is one of the poorest citites in America, naturally it is the poorest in the state, and most definitely in the County. So while 95% of the county and its people is rolling in dough, living the life that 95% of the country wishes they had, there is the other 5% of the county living in Bridgeport being shot at every night and fed bread and water by their "mama" on a daily basis. So not EVERY part is as glamorous, wealthy, beautiful and stuck-up as most of you all think--though MOST of it is!
People think that I think that I am better tham them, why?
That's because you are! You're rich, spoiled, intelligent, preppy and of course elite--you're from Fairfield County!
by Greer April 11, 2005
long form of the word dio
dude this fucking house smells like diarrhea.
by greer April 28, 2003
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