Having control of everything in a particular buisness area.
SONY and MICROSOFT are perfect examples of a monopoly.
by AYB April 01, 2003
Playing "Monopoly" is a synonym phrase for having sex.
(If parents are around)

"Man... I played Monopoly with Suzie... I got all the way to Boardwalk, and passed GO."
by Le Phwah October 15, 2008
a board game that is fun to play when your bored rigid out of your skull and ready to stab anyone that annoys you...of if its a rainy day
person 1:do you want to play monopoly?

person 2:i want to be the dog i never get to be the dog!
by crowie July 31, 2006
To own all.
AIM, Microsoft, etc. This is becoming increasingly more difficult as the government busted up AT&T in the 1980's and American Airlines recently.
by Flyashi November 09, 2003
69...need I say more?
Lets go into my room and we can play Monopoly!
by Megan September 11, 2004
Consenting, passion sex between two girls.
"Donnan and Shella played monopoly at my house."
by LunaBoi July 25, 2004
Code word for weed or getting high or anything with pot.
Ex: I want to play monopoly.
Ex: We need some more monopoly money
by Greer April 24, 2005

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