any time in a males life when they get a hard on in public, sometimes happens as mornin wood, but anytime when it is unexpected
see also stiffy
Man I woke up this morning with a raging monopoly.
by ross March 05, 2004
(1). Microsoft Corporation
(2). Microsoft Corporation's operating system, Windows
The only people who support monopoly are those who work for one or have been bought out by one!
by boarder8925 September 11, 2003
When a person tries screwing with someones head by making up a rondom words, putting them together and persuading them it means something very important even though its just jiberish. Created by Soly Mehdyzadeh and promoted By Steven Goltche and SaSha Mehdyzadeh.

Monopoly is when you say to someone, "Sir please dont forget to tell the guy who brought the book back to the yard after three o'clock because if you dont its gonna be a big problm for him like last week when he fell on the floor and broke his head on the floor next to the park by the trees and birds".

#monopoly #jiberish #fucking around #screwing around #trick
by Dan Dune April 29, 2007
A game played by Aaron as a kid. Sometime referred to as Mono-Poly.
Doug says my son wanted to play Mono - Poly. He then said it was a production day.
by phil March 15, 2005
a game that teaches that monopolies are good
communism is a total monopoly by the government
parker brothers also makes ouija boards (witch boards)
connect the dots
monopoly , an illuminati game
#hippies #commies #fascists #despots #totalitarians #nazis #atheists #pagans #666
by what the fucking fuck? September 12, 2006
this is the most fuckin racist game ive ever seen in my life!a game where you buy extremly low cost areas in the da hood and you can be a car with spinnin rims, a toaster toastin fried chicken,a battleship with all black people working on it, a hat that slaves wore, a cannon that hints to firing at blacks, and iron and thimble to show how hard slaves worked! in a special edition version of monopoly, you can be a SPADE! (spade also being a slang term for nigger.)you can also be a tea cup full of, not tea, but colt 45. how racist!
the monopoly guy looks like a plantation owner.
by da hood' July 22, 2004
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