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Cute, affectionate name for a member of the opposite sex.
Used as a greeting
What's up Monkey butt!
by rhinorider November 03, 2006
on a hot summer day when you dont wipe your ass good after a shit and your asshole gets chaffed and then sweat mixes in fucking up your whole day
by urexcellency May 16, 2003
when your ass gets so chaffed that it gets red, like a monkeys butt
by cream of some yung.. January 26, 2003
Term used in the motorcycle world to define what your butt looks like after a long ride either on-road or off-road.
"Man, I am suffering from some serious Monkey Butt after riding that trail all-day long"
by Howboucha December 18, 2003
A chafe recieved between the upper thighs and asscrack brought about by sweaty activities such as walking back and forth or working out of doors. Produces a Baboon-like rash on the buttocks.
"Man, I got a serious case of monkeybutt bartending tonight!" or "Landscaping gave the rudest monkeybutt yesterday!"
by Mick September 21, 2003
When you sweat prefusely in the butt area or you take a painful shit(crap) and It begins to hurt when you walk.
I sweat so much at practice my ass hurts and now i have "monkey butt"
by Blue pickle August 22, 2007
after riding a motorcycle all day and your ass hurts so bad you walk like a monkey
by Chris Anderson May 26, 2003
When you stay in wet clothing (usually swimming trunks) for to long, you're butt begins to itch.
Thus causing you to scratch it profusely, often ending in you looking like a monkey.
Dude, I went swimming and never dried myself off, now I have the worst case of monkey butt ever!
by Paradox@pawngame.com July 22, 2010