Someone acting mean and/or unfair, like a jerk or an asshole.
"My boyfriend is being such a monkey butt lately. He keeps picking fights over nothing!"
by orangesapples July 16, 2008
Term used by a girls boyfriend whom usually loves her dearly to describe her / pet name when he is being playful.
Zygmont called his girlfriend a monkey butt when they were joking outside the classroom
by obbie connobie February 15, 2007
Cute, affectionate name for a member of the opposite sex.
Used as a greeting
What's up Monkey butt!
by rhinorider November 03, 2006
a clapping of the hands together to resemble a monkeys butt
the monkeys with no hair on there asses
by matt January 20, 2005
When your ass gets all sweaty and chaffed from recieving too much anal sex.
Best when a banana is used and the act is performed in your brand new kitchen.
Jeff Misner has the nastiest monkey butt i've ever seen.
by Jennie August 01, 2004
The butt of a monkey.

A word that ascribes the characteristics of the butt of a monkey to a person.

What you tell someone when they term 'whanker' just doesn't seem to apply.
Dude, you whanker!!! Wait, that ain't right, you're not a whanker at all... You're a MONKEY BUTT whanker!!!
by General Cluck-Cluck June 08, 2003
the putrid drip of stanky sweat from your lower back through your butt cheeks
Baby? Is that love juice dripping between yo' thighs or do you gots monkeybutt?
by buttermymonkey July 11, 2002
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