A male who has simian features, or resembles a monkey, either physically or in his personality. First used about a dog with mange, who with his hairless face, resembled a chimp.
"And that wasn't very complimentary, was it, monkey boy?"
by HeadRock Dogs August 08, 2008
This is usually were a boy looks like a monkey when cheeks are inflated and ears stick out!!! This is cute and does not mean the boy has to be hairy just to have some rsembelence to a monkey!!
OMG monkey boy!

u look like a monkey, boy!

Monkey boy would you...

Monkey boy you look like Ryan O'Neill
by areilly February 08, 2008
The little kid who talks like a pirate, and punches like a parrot.
That mouthy little monkey boy angers me.
by oooOOOgreGOOOooo August 29, 2005
someone to be chumped, used for your own pleasure and then left wimpering and alone...crying in the night.
Algore in the last election
by ZENOLEGG August 24, 2005
A man with a simian gait and a tendancy towards random acts of mischief.
Has Monkey Boy swaggered off with the rent to buy a bag of garys again.
by Gareth Mitchell January 11, 2004
Noun - A hairy female from Marketing that uses a man's razor to create the space between her eyebrows. This same razor is then used to remove her 5 o'clock shadow from her upper lip.
When I kissed Monkey Boy my lips got chaffed from her razor stubble.
by Taint Licker April 14, 2003
Dave Wilson, see also monkey
Someone who makes the tea, also known as a placement student.
by Anonymous April 28, 2003

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