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The last name of champions. Everybody who has this last name is a winner and a striaght up G or any thing they want to be. This is a super popular last name because it is so awesome. Nothing compares to this last name.
Man1: Se dat guy over their he is so col and has so much swagger he is such a Wilson
Man2: Agreed
by Desean Wilson February 21, 2009
922 473
Very smart, very intelligent.
superior to all others
Wilson is so smart I feel like shit compared to him
by urbandictionaryeditor December 25, 2008
703 416
the best peson you will ever know, he is a great wingman, friend, and fucker
1. "Dude, I was so nervous when I went to talk to her but I brought my buddy, Wilson, and he helped so much, now we're going out

2. "I got really drunk last night at the party and probably would have done something really stupid if it weren't for my friend Wilson

3. "I had sex with Wilson(or a Wilson), it was great, the best sex ive ever had
by desadFAdwfdDF February 27, 2010
395 240
Random, playful, very thoughtful. A really cute and adorable guy. Everyone loves a Wilson and Wilsons are cool to be friends with. Caring, weird, and awesome.
Damn, I want to be friends with a Wilson.
by omg28 July 30, 2012
146 69
He who bares the name wilson is a god to all people, he has been written about in many stories from ancient times to the modern day world. He had the role of the force in star wars and was the wand in Harry Potter. He is also referred to in dubstep.
Yeah, wilson is awesome at everything ist he...
by lachxx August 19, 2012
95 41
adj: Describing a person who is super awesome. Very good at everything possible (except losing).
That kid is a total Wilson and is super cool
by Toblerone111 December 20, 2011
68 33
A volleyball with a bloody handprint

With a smile on it
No Wilson!
by Badassmotherfucker9455 July 22, 2013
37 16